MetaTrader MultiTerminal

MultiTerminal is a component of the MetaTrader platform that enables you to manage several trading accounts simultaneously. The platform allocates traded volumes between a master and several subordinate trading accounts

User interface is very similar to that of MetaTrader 4, which makes it easy to operate with. The platform provides full control over trades with several volume allocation methods. All of Benchmark’s clients using the MT4 platform can use Multiterminal for free.

Volume allocation between trading accounts

You can choose between 5 methods. Each one operates in a different way:

  • Predefined Volume – volumes for each trading account are typed manually;
  • Total Volume for each order – each position is opened with the volume in lots that is predefined in Total Volume;
  • Equal Parts – total volume is distributed in equal parts between accounts;
  • On equity ratio – chosen volume is allocated as a ratio of current equity between trading accounts;
  • On free margin – volume is distributed as a ratio of free margin between trading accounts.


Detailed information about working with the platform-basic functions, menus, order placement, opening and closing positions:

Five basic steps for working with MultiTerminal

Guide for using MultiTerminal

Download MultiTerminal

In order to start using MultiTerminal follow the download link: