No Dealing Desk execution

One of the main objectives of BenchMark is to integrate the latest technological innovations in order to improve the conditions we offer to our clients.

Following this goal, all instruments in MetaTrader are traded in No Dealing Desk (NDD) mode. The main advantage of No Dealing Desk trading is that it is free of requotes.

No Dealing Desk execution means that the currency quotes in MetaTrader are provided directly by 10 leading banks - providers of liquidity.

No Dealing Desk trading provides maximum transparency and honesty in the execution of all orders.

Benchmark uses the servers of Equinix Data Center in New York which has an optical network covering all around the world. The system allows you to trade for a split second and meet the dynamics of the market.

Trading without requotes

Brokers, who use No Dealing Desk like BenchMark, don't requote their clients, because they do not create the prices. This business model allows us to execute every trade without requoting and without imposing restrictions on scalping strategies.

In addition, if you place a market order and the price changes in your favour before execution, the order will be executed at the new, improved price.

Trading on news releases

BenchMark allows trading around news by market or pending orders, straddles and any other strategies. Brokers, who are not routing the orders of their clients to the real market, often impose restrictions on trading around news releases and this may lead to inability to enter or exit a position.

Trading with Expert Advisors

Some traders use expert systems (Expert Advisors) with high frequency execution - so called scalping systems. Usually, such systems generate a large number of orders. Brokers, who use manual confirmation and execution, often have difficulties in processing and hedging the transaction flow. This leads to the inability to hedge the risk exposure by such brokers and they often impose restrictions or directly forbid trading with such expert advisors.
On the other hand, brokers, who use No Dealing Desk trading (like BenchMark ), do not restrict in any way the expert advisors of their clients. As a result, expert advisors, which are placing tens of orders in a minute and expert advisors, which execute several orders per day, are treated the same way.

No restriction on the trading strategy

Clients trading with brokers, who use No Dealing Desk execution, can practically employ all types of trading strategies. Regardless of the strategy - bracketing, scalping or other types of short-term trading - all orders are executed on market terms and without limitations.

Scalping with BenchMark 

BenchMark doesn't apply restrictions to clients, who are using scalping strategies or expert advisors.

Scalping is usually not allowed by brokers, who use manual execution and confirmation by their dealers. Scalpers open many positions in a short period of time and this makes it difficult for such brokers to hedge their exposure.

Brokers who use No Dealing Desk trading do not impose any restrictions on scalping strategies or traders who are profitable.

No restrictions on placing Stop or Limit orders

BenchMark imposes no restrictions on placing Stop, Limit or pending orders for opening a position.

Usually, restrictions for placing of orders are used by brokers, who use manual confirmation and execution by their dealers. These restrictions are necessary due to the fact that the real market spreads are variable, while such brokers' spreads are fixed. Very often such brokers increase the distance during news releases or high volatility and this can make it difficult or impossible to enter or exit a position.

BenchMark does not impose minimum distance restrictions. Moreover, by using our MetaTrader platform you can place pending orders even inside the spread.