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Stop-out calculator

The stop-out level is the level at which the loss from the open position will be so great that the position will be closed automatically. Stop-out is activated when the current account balance amounts to 50% of the blocked margin. The BenchMark Stop-out Calculator indicates the price at which a stop-out will be activated and the amount of potential loss.

Account currency:
Position volume (in lots):
Current price: 0
Distance to Stop-out in points: 0
Stop-out price: 0
Amount for 1 point ( USD): 0
Potential loss ( USD): 0

The current price in the calculator is indicative and updated to 14.04.2024 19:26:33 . The calculator does not take into account the spread of the instrument and whether there is any accumulated swap for the deal. If you have open positions in more than one instrument you can't determine the exact cost of stop-out activation.