MetaTrader VPS

Dynamic financial markets require perfect connection to the trading servers and stable system configuration. MetaTrader VPS is an innovative service that will provide you additional assurance that your MetaTrader platform will work properly without any interruptions even when you switch off your computer.

This service is especially useful for traders who are using automatic  (Expert Advisors). Client's virtual servers are located in a high-technology hosting center guaranteeing uninterrupted connection with the trading platforms. It means that your trading system will work even when there is break down in the electricity system or problems with your internet connection.  Also, the physical proximity of the hosting center to the trading server guarantees extremely low latency of the connection (average 4 ms), which improves the time for a reaction of your expert system and speed of execution of your orders.

Transferring your platform on the virtual server you will be able to leave your expert system to work without interruption from other programs or applications. If you are using your personal computer for other applications and functions in addition to running the trading platform, there is a probability that some of them could stop responding which will affect the whole computer syste. Having in mind that markets are highly dynamic, one restart of your computer system may cost you a lot.

Another advantage of MetaTrader VPS is the opportunity to interact with the platform from different locations. You can log in to your virtual server from different computers without needing to install special software or to make additional adjustments. You would only need to remember your personal IP address and your entry details.

MetaTrader VPS is providing you the unique opportunity to trade using MetaTrader even if you are using computer with Mac OS, Linux or other operational systems different from Windows.

Important: MetaTrader VPS is offered in a partnership with Commercial Network Services, a leading international provider of virtual servers, therefore BenchMark Finance does not take responsibility for losses or expenses made by the clients because of technical system issues, delays in signal providing, etc.

Configuration of the virtual server

Choosing to use the service MetaTrader VPS, you will have the access to the following server's capabilities: 

  • 2048MB RAM
  • 45GB Disk space
  • 2 CPU cores
  • Personal IP address

Servers are working with Windows 2016/2019 and use platform for virtualization Microsoft Hyper-V. Microsoft Hyper-V is extremely stable and differs from other alternative applications by the following priveleges:

  • Every MetaTrader VPS client can use maximum resources of his/her account without affecting the other users
  • You will have guaranteed access to the whole quantity RAM in your account
  • Every client is using different part from the hardware of the server
  • Installation of updates of the operating system and restarting of it is done only when the client approves them
  • You will have the opportunity to adjust priorities of your trading platform like system application which will provide you additional stability.

Access to MetaTrader VPS

All clients of BenchMark who have a live account in MetaTrader 4 or 5, have the opportunity to use the service with a monthly fee of $35.

You can activate your access to MetaTrader VPS by using client's module Clients area.

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