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The “Zero Spread” program

The “Zero Spread” program is intended for all new clients of the MetaTrader 5 platform. The new clients are automatically included in the program after opening a real account.

The currency pairs that will be trading without any spread and commission are stated in the table below. Lower margins are available for professional clients.

МetaTrader 5 Code Lot Size Maximum exposure Spread Margin
EURUSD0 (euro/us dollar) 100 000 0.50 lots = 50 000 EUR 0.0 0.25%/3.34%
GBPUSD0 (great britain pound/us dollar) 100 000 0.50 lots = 50 000 GBP 0.0 0.25%/3.34%
USDJPY0 (us dollar/japanese yen) 100 000 0.50 lots = 50 000 USD 0.0 0.25%/3.34%
USDCHF0 (us dollar/swiss franc) 100 000 0.50 lots = 50 000 USD 0.0 0.25%/3.34%
USDCAD0 (us dollar/canadian dollar) 100 000 0.50 lots = 50 000 USD 0.0 0.25%/3.34%
EURGBP0 (euro/great britain pound) 100 000 0.50 lots = 50 000 EUR 0.0 0.25%/3.34%

The tools used in the program are intended for a better training environment, which is why they will be offered without spread. They are intended for new clients who are eager to gain initial experience in trading with marginal derivative financial instruments.

Duration of the Program

The program is valid within one month from opening of an account or until the total volume of transactions with the participating in the program instruments reaches 10 lots. If a client has reached any of the conditions and he or she has opened positions with zero spread instruments, these positions will be automatically transferred to the corresponding spread instruments.

Additional Information

Using expert trading systems for the involved in the program tools will not be allowed.

BenchMark will keep its rights to change or terminate the program at any time and without prior notice. BenchMark reserves its right not to provide a zero spread option or to eliminate the zero spread if there is any doubt or evidence for abuse.