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New Client

“New Client” is a bonus program through which every new client, who trades on the MetaTrader 4 or 5 platforms, receives up to 20 EUR bonus as a start bonus, as well as a doubled rate of bonus money for every trade that he makes in the first 6 months. After generating a certain amount the client can transfer that amount to his trading account and either withdraw them or use them to trade.

Participation in the program

In order to participate, you need to fill the registration form in the upper right corner of the page and then open a real account on the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platform. You can find more information on different ways to open a real account here.

Depending on the initial deposit, the clients will receive A bonus according to this scheme:

Initial deposit Bonus
from 200 to 499 EUR or USD 5
from 500 to 999 EUR or USD 10
over 1000 EUR or USD 20

Participants in the “New Client” program receive additional bonuses for every trade they make. During the first 6 months after opening an account the participant would generate double the bonus rates. After the first 6 months clients gain bonus points based on the standard tariff:

"New Client" bonus programm tariff

Receiving the bonus 

You can transfer the accumulated bonus into your trading account by declaring it in the real clients’ section BenchMark Clients. The minimum amount of the bonus that you can transfer into your trading account is 25 EURO. The maximum bonus money that you can receive during the validity of the bonus program is 2000 EURO.

Validity of bonus

Accumulation of bonus shall last within 1-year from the date when the initial bonus has been accumulated. Upon expiry of the 1-year period, bonus accumulation shall start from the beginning. If you convert your bonus into cash before the expiry date, a new 1-year period shall commence.  

Additional terms

This bonus program can not be combined with BenchMark Finance’s other bonus programs.

BenchMark reserves the right to change or terminate the "New client" program at any time and without notice. BenchMark also reserves the right to not give back or to eliminate the bonus if there is suspected or reported abuse.