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Trading hours of the financial markets on 25 May


Dear clients,

Due to the official holiday in United States (Memorial's Day), on 25 May some trading instruments will work with different trading hours.

You can see the working hours in MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms here:

Instrument 25 May
Currencies Regular working hours
US30 Early close 17:00
SPX500 Early close 17:00
NAS100 Early close 17:00
UK100 Early close 17:00
GER30 Early close 20:00
FRA40 Early close 20:00
ESP35 Regular working hours
EUSTX50 Regular working hours
AUS200 Regular working hours
JPN225 Early close 17:00
Early close 17:00
BRENT Early close 15:45
WTI Early close 15:45
USOIL Early close 17:30
UKOIL Early close 17:00
NGAS Early close 16:45
XAU/USD Early close 17:00
XAU/EUR Early close 17:00
XAG/USD Early close 17:00
XPT/USD Early close 16:45
XPD/USD Early close 16:45
Copper Early close 16:45
European Stocks  Regular working hours 
USA Stocks Closed all day 
Cryptocurrencies Regular working hours

*The listed trading hours are GMT and can be additionally altered in accordance with the market liquidity.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.