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Trading schedule for US Independence Day


Dear clients,

Due to the US Independence day celebrations, markets wiill work with different trading hours on 3th of July 2020.

Instruments 3 July
FX Regular trading
Crypto Regular trading
US Equities Closed all day
EU Equities Regular trading
US30 Closes 17:00
SPX500 Closes 17:00
NAS100 Closes 17:00
USDINDEX Closes 17:00
UK100 Closes 20:00
GER30 Closes 20:00
FRA40 Closes 20:00
ESP35 Regular trading
EUSTX50 Regular trading
AUS200 Regular trading
JPN225 Closes 17:00
USOIL Closes 17:00
UKOIL Closes 17:30
 WTI Closes 16:45
 BRENT Closes 16:45
NGAS Closes 16:45
XAU/USD Closes 16:45
XAU/EUR Closes 16:45
XAG/USD Closes 16:45
XPT/USD Closes 16:45
XPD/USD Closes 16:45
Copper Closes 16:45

*The listed trading hours are GMT and can be additionally altered in accordance with the market liquidity.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.