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Transparency of Spreads

0.66 pips
Average spread for EURUSD during the previous day
Some brokerages announce "target" currency spreads, which are valid in no more than 10% of the time. BenchMark strives to maintain maximum transparency of its trading conditions and that is why we publish the Minimum and Average spreads for the 8 most traded currency pairs.

The value of every bar on the chart shows the average and minimum hourly spread for the previous trading session.

The data is updated every business day.

Transparency of Execution

21.24 ms
Average speed of execution in the last 10 days
Measures the time between receiving a trade and executing it. 1 second = 1000 ms.

Trades, executed in less than 100 ms (0.1 seconds)
Successful traders rely not only on tight spreads, but also on speed of execution. That is why our system executes trades for a fraction of a second.

The data is updated every business day.

Execution of Limit Orders

Limit orders, executed on the requested or better price
MetaTrader allows execution of limit orders on improved prices.

0.21 pips
Average improvement in execution of limit orders
Measures the average improvement between the price of a limit order and the price of its execution. The value is calculated only for limit orders, whose price was improved.

The chart is updated at the end of every working day.