Withdraw funds

Теглене на средства Bank wire Fees: 0% Processing: up to 30 min. Request

Bank wire withdrawals are accepted 24/7 and are executed every business day between 07:00 and 14:45 GMT.

  • For standard bank withdrawals, no additional fees are charged.
  • The bank account holder and the BenchMark Finance account holder must be the same person.
  • Processing transfer requests is done in accordance with the banking institutions’ working schedules.
  • The arrival time of the requested sum may vary, depending on your bank, currency and at what time the request has been made.
  • For money transfers of more than 15 000 EUR, or the equivalent in another currency, the client must fill in a Declaration in accordance with the Measures Against Money Laundering.

payment-icon Transfer Fees: 0% Processing: up to 30 min. Transfer

You can transfer funds between your accounts in BenchMark Finance.

Funds transfer requests between client accounts are accepted at all times, but execution takes place only between 07:00 - 14:45 GMT on every working day.

To request funds transfer between two accounts, please visit clients section BenchMark Clients.

Deposit funds