How to use fundamental analysis correctly?

When we look at the chart of a financial instrument, the first question we all ask ourselves is what are the reasons for price movements. The answer is most often rooted in fundamental analysis. This is the analysis that examines the main reasons behind the movements of the financial markets and its understanding is essential for the success of each market


What is a split and reverse split of a stock?

Every company strives to make its securities as attractive as possible to investors. One of the main factors is the price, which has a significant psychological effect on purchasing decisions. Manipulating the market prices is completely forbidden, but there are still two legal ways in which the company's management can change the share price, which is seen by all


Trading schedule for US Independence Day

Dear clients, Due to the US Independence day celebrations, markets wiill work with different trading hours on 5th of July 2021. Instruments 5 July FX Regular trading Crypto Regular trading US Equities Closed all day EU Equities Regular trading US30 Closes 17:00 SPX500 Closes 17:00 NAS100 Closes


The ending of the pandemic and the markets: What can we expect?

The pandemic has caused a number of changes in the development and functioning of business worldwide, which has affected countries and their sectors to varying degrees. The stock markets reacted to the situation, which led to higher sales of shares in the more affected sectors. Exactly the shares of these companies registered a weaker recovery in the coming