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BenchMark's offices will work with clients remotely until 12.04

Dear clients, In regards to the Order No. RD-01-124/13.03.2020 of the Ministry of Health of Republic of Bulgaria for organizing enhanced anti-epidemic measures and introducing a remote form of work for employees, we inform you that from 16.03. to 12.04. BenchMark's offices will work with clients REMOTELY. This change will only affect cash transactions and the


How the "Corona effect" could be traded on the financial markets?

The Black Monday 1987. One of the most famous days in the stock exchange history around the world. The most expensive US stock index Dow Jones Industrial Average loses over 22% of its value within a day. A terrifying day for US finances, but one of the best for Paul Tudor Jones - a trader, who manages to triple his money during the business day. Through short sales


Changes in working hours due to daylight saving summer time

Dear clients, Due to transition to summer time in USA on 7 - 8 March, changes in working hours of certain financial instruments and accounting operations are about to be made. The changes will be effective until 27 March when Europe will switch to summer time. Until then, the time difference between Bulgaria and New York will be 6 hours instead of the


Trading hour schedule on 17 February

Dear clients, Due to the official holiday in USA (President's Day) on 17 February 2020, some of the trading instruments will work with different trading hours. You can check the working hours changes in the table below: Instrument 17 February FX Standard trading hours Crypto Standard trading hours US30 Closes 18:00 SPX500 Closes