Why is risk management important?

The main reason that fails traders, in the long run, is improper risk management. In fact, the big problem is that a significant proportion of market participants do not implement any risk management at all because they do not realize why it is so important. Others use risk management but often is inappropriate for their winning rate of the strategy. The problem is


Will bitcoin reach $100,000?

High volatility, innovation, growing popularity and a lot of speculation. These are some of the characteristics that make cryptocurrencies so attractive and have made this market so fast-growing. Cryptocurrencies attract both investors and traders, as well as analysts who give high forecasts for their prices in the future. This is increasing interest in


Trading hours of the financial markets on 22 September

Dear clients, We present you the working hours of BenchMark and our trading platforms on 7 September. Working hours for BenchMark:   22 September Customer support Standard working hours MetaTrader 4/5 Standard working hours Card payments Standard working hours ePay payments Standard working hours Wire


Forex or stocks: What to trade?

Every beginner asks themselves the question "Which instruments do I start trading?". Financial markets provide a big choice and many opportunities for traders, but each market has its own specifics that must be taken into account. Success on the financial markets requires an understanding of the specifics of each asset in order to be able to implement appropriate