Professional client

Clients who are eligible and would like to be categorized as professional clients could:

  • Trade with higher leverage
  • Trade at a lower stop-out level
  • Receive awards and loyalty bonuses when available

Example of higher leverage usage: In order to enter into a EURUSD transaction with position volume of 100,000 units, a retail client must have at least EUR 3330 in his/her account. To make the same deal, professional client must have at least 500 euros.

Professional clients are treated differently because they are assumed to have sufficient experience and knowledge in protecting themselves and in bearing with the investment risks.

Professional Clients Criteria

In order to be categorized as a professional client, you must declare that you meet at least two of the following criteria:

Traded volume. In the last four quarters, you have made on average of 10 deals for a quarter with a significant volume. Explanation: For volumes traded, you can also take into account volumes you have traded with other investment intermediaries in the country and / or abroad.

Portfolio. You own a portfolio of financial instruments and cash worth more than 500,000 euros. Explanation: Savings, bank deposits, securities or portfolios with other investment intermediaries and banks in the country and / or abroad can be taken into account for the purposes of the financial portfolio.

Experience. You have worked for more than 1 year in the financial sector in a position that requires knowledge of BenchMark's transactions and services.

Categorization Request for Professional Clients

It is necessary to declare the criteria to which you are responsible by filling in the form in the clients area of the following link.

If you have any questions, contact us on +359 2 962 57 95.

Professional and Retail clients – Comparison

Margin (leverage) Professional client Retail client
FX Majors 0.25% (1:400) 3.33% (1:30)
Major indices 0.5% (1:200) 5% (1:20)
Gold 0.5% (1:200) 5% (1:20)
Oil, gas 1% (1:100) 10% (1:10)
Stocks 10% (1:10) 20% (1:5)
Cryptocurrencies 10% (1:10) 50% (1:2)
Account Details
Stop-out level 30% 50%
Higher protection
Loyalty bonuses